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GBWhatsApp is the best alternative to the official WhatsApp application and using it you can make two separate IDs on the same smartphone. Below is GB WhatsApp 2022 Download button.

GB WhatsApp
Size28 MBs
Requires Android 5.0 +
Last Updated10/05/20
Price0 USD

What is GBWhatsapp?

Without any single doubt, one of the most popular apps in smartphones is Whatsapp. Whether you own a Samsung Galaxy series mobile or iPhone X, one thing is sure that you have installed Whatsapp on your mobiles.

So, the bottom line is that we all are aware of this application for many years. But have you heard GBWhatsapp? If not, then don’t worry and just have a look below.

Download GB WhatsApp APK

GB WhatsApp is no doubt the best modded version of WhatsApp that provides a number of great features that you won’t see in the official WhatsApp ever that’s why people don’t use the official whatsapp instead they prefer the GBWhatsapp.

As you are very much interested in downloading it on your smartphone so, now you can download it from the below download button on your smartphone.

In simple words, GBWhatsapp is the mod version of Whatsapp where you will find tons of cool features without costing a single penny. It’s a bit similar to Whatsapp plus but still, I am assuring you that you will find heaps of amazing features in this application. It means in this single app, you have the luxury to use two apps at once in one place. So, that’s pretty cool stuff for sure.

Another fantastic thing about this app is that you will always get the latest updates of Whatsapp plus regularly so there is no point of missing the latest thrills from the official application. Not only that but also it comes with an anti-ban mod, so you don’t even have to worry about it as well.

How to download GBWhatsapp 2022?

Well now that you have downloaded the GBWhatsApp on your smartphone its time for you to learn how to install it in easy to follow steps so that you can make it happen and use the best messaging application out there for connection with your people.

Step 1. Download the GB Apk from the above download link for your Android smartphone or tablet.

Step 2. Now enable the “Unknown Sources” by going to security settings. Android Setting > Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.

Step 3. Now you have successfully enabled installations from unknown sources on your smartphone it’s time for you to tap on the APK file.

Step 4. Press Accept and Next on the on screen buttons that appear when you are installing the GBWhatsApp on your smartphone.

Step 5. Now the APK will have been installed on your smartphone it’s time to register with it.

Features of GB WhatsApp

To be very honest, there are hundreds of different versions of Whatsapp is available such as FM WhatsApp , but it is by far the best one because of these extraordinary features.

Below I have described some of the most prominent features of the GBWhatsApp that you will love for sure. And I am damn sure you will love them too because they make your messaging fun and you get most out of your time.

  • Auto Reply: The auto-reply feature allows the users to send automatic messages to friends without prior knowledge of the user it is one of the best features available in GB WhatsApp.
  • DND: The DND feature allows you to disable the internet services of only WhatsApp that will make sure you will be disturbed when getting new messages.
  • Text Messages Broadcast: Sending broadcast text messages is very easy in multiple groups in a few taps.
  • Filter Messages: Sometimes you want to filter the messages that are no longer needed or you want to find some specific messages which will help a lot.
  • Anti-revoke messages: The anti revoke features allows you to get rid fo WhatsApp ban that they enforce on the accounts that they find suspicious
  • Share live locations: The GB WhatsApp 2022 allows you to share the live locations with your friends so that they can reach any place where you are.
  • Send Maximum Picture: As we know WhatsApp places a lot of limitations but using GB WhatsApp you can send more than 100 pictures at a time.
  • Send Large Audio/Video: The Audios and Videos are restricted in the official version but using WhatsApp GB you can send videos of over 50MBs and audio of over 100MBs.
  • Endless Themes: To get most out of the application you can use any of the themes from their theme library that makes it very interesting.
  • Download Status: GBWhatsApp 2022 version allows the users to download the status of their friends from the application.
  • Amazing Font: You can change the font at any time you want, don’t worry about the same boring font.
  • Message History: Check the history of messages that you receive at any time.
  • Pop Up Notification: Unlike Facebook Messenger, you can get the Pop Up notifications of the chats in the lastest GB WhatsApp Apk.

Believe me, you will get plenty more incredible features from this amazing app. All you need is to download it and enjoy the fun of this amazing mod version.

GB Whatsapp Restrictions

Indeed, Whatsapp is a fantastic app, but there are some restrictions that can be irritating to you. Here are some of the limitations:

  • Media transfer is great, but when it is limited to just 15mb, then certainly is not that awesome. So, the biggest restriction you will get is that you can’t send data more than 15mb.
  • In one smartphone, you can only open one account.
  • You also don’t have the leverage to copy anyone’s status in Whatsapp.
  • The limit of a Whatsapp group has been just 256 members.
  • There is a limitation in sending broadcast messages as you can also send it to just a few people.
  • In certain situations, you can only select a handful of characters which is not that great.
  • You can’t send images up to a certain amount at one time as well.

These restrictions are spoiling the fun for most of the users. Of course, with the app like Whatsapp, it’s always fantastic to use it without any restrictions. So, GBWhatsapp brings the best mod version to date for all of us.

GBWhatsApp For iPhone

The iOS users are always interested in downloading the application on their smartphones, the GBWhatsApp iOS is also now available to download for the users who want to get most out of their phones.

Now the best thing is you can download the iPhone GB Whatsapp on your smartphone for free.

Moreover the best thing is the iOS users are always looking for some ways to download the application on their smartphones and if you also want to download it on your phone then you can download it from our site.

WhatsApp vs GB WhatsApp

There are a lot of differences between both the mod WhatsApp and the original WhatsApp.

The official WhatsAPP is very limited and has too much less features that it should have, that’s why people are moving towards the GB WhatsApp below is a quick comparison of the differences between the GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp that you should know.

Media Sharing15 MB50 MB
Status Copying NoYes
Status Characters LengthUp to 139 CharactersUp to 255 Characters
Hide Last SeenNoYes
Documents Sharing in Pdf, Txt formatNoYes
Languages Supported40100+
Blank Messages SendingNoYes
Theme ChangingNoYes
Document Sharing at one time 30100


If you have some concerns regarding privacy in the Whatsapp, then don’t worry because in the GBWhatsapp 2021 version.

  • Hide online status.
  • Hide Blue Tick.
  • Hide Second Tick.
  • Hide Status about recording.
  • Hide typing status.
  • Hide View Status.
  • Hide Microphone.
  • Hide online status.

One thing that I would recommend to the users of the GBWhatsApp is that they shouldn’t be worried about the GB Whatsapp privacy as it comes with double layer of security while the official whatsapp has only end to end encryption that is storage but not as much as GBWhatsApp 2021 has.


Is this app safe to use on the android device?

Yes, it is more than safe to use on android mobile. You can download the GBWhatsapp apk for android here.

Is this app Legal to use?

Yes, It is the best mod of Whatsapp and 100% legal to use.

How to get the updated version of this app?

This is the latest version of GBWhatsapp so all you need is to download it.

Is this app works on iPhone?

Yes, it works perfectly well and you can easily use it on your iPhone.

Is this app support the latest themes?

Yes, it supports all the latest themes. Not only that but also it has its own themes.

Do you need a rooted device for this app?

No, you don’t need a rooted device for this app. All you need is to download the GBWhatsapp app and that’s it.

Can you get the backup of your data from this app?

Yes, you can easily get the backup of your data if you want to change your account to any other device.

Should we need to update the APK file constantly?

No, it depends on you.

Does, it have any privacy issues?

Not all. It is a great app that protects your privacy. so no issues regarding your data or privacy.

Final Verdict:

To be very honest, this wonderful app is a pure class, the real mod version of Whatsapp without worrying about Ban or other issues. Enjoy the customize themes, fonts and other cool features of this app.

No need to hassle the data and media sharing as well. Once you installed this app, then it becomes impossible for you to leave it and that’s our guarantee.