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If you get bored with the consistent interface of your original WhatsApp. Then you need to update your WhatsApp with WhatsApp X apk latest version 2022. It provides a dark mode for the first time. It also comes with other features like quick replies from notifications, GIFs in text messages, and an improved photo editor.

Whatsapp always remains a front-and-center app in the market despite being surrounded by many social messaging apps. There are other similar apps that provide great features while being free of charge, such as Hike, We Chat, Viber, LINE, etc. Among all other messenger apps, WhatsApp is unique due to the number of users.

You probably all know about WhatsApp, which is used by millions and millions of people around the world. Moreover, WhatsApp never does anything to become unpopular with its users. It continuously provides its users with new and exciting features by getting a new update or by launching new apps.

Features of Whatsapp X 2022

  • The much-needed dark mode is one of the most anticipated features of whatsapp X apk latest version 2022. Using the application during the night or in a dark environment is made easier with the new update’s black background for conversations and messages. 
  • When we opened Whatsapp, we noted that it took a few seconds to load this feature, but once it was active, it worked fine. Using the dark mode theme also makes contacts easier to read because of the gray background. The text within messages can only be colored in the menu bar, and other UI elements such as buttons and tabs remain white.
  • Users are now able to reply to notifications using a dropdown menu in the new update. The reply option on the notification only works on Android Pie. However, users who have the feature will be able to converse with their friends and family directly from the notification. Use it by swiping right or left on a notification on Whatsapp and select a reply.
  • There are now eight editing styles and multiple color options in the photo editor.
  • A revamped photo editor is included with WhatsApp X, which allows you to edit your pictures, texts, and drawings much more easily. There are eight new styles of editing available in the designer mode, and you can customize your photos in different ways thanks to the color options
  • Furthermore, GIFs for messages are now supported by X, which brings much-needed functionality to the application. It’s easier than ever to send GIFs with copies/pastes or via search within the application.Some users may experience buggy / unstable behavior while WhatsApp X is still in beta.

How to install Whatsapp X Apk latest version 2022

Click on the download button given above.

After downloading then go to your phone setting.

Allow ‘Unknown Sources’ and install it.


App NameWhatsApp X
Size26.74 MB
Android Version 4.0 
Latest Update4 days ago

What’s new in Whatsapp X Apk 2022

Support for GIF

A much-needed feature has been added to WhatsApp X: support for GIFs. Our perfect reaction can now be sent straight to your inbox without having to worry about converting it into an animated image. 

Besides sending GIFs from your gallery and looking for them on Giphy, Whatsapp’s GIF feature is pretty basic. Additionally, third-party apps enable you to send GIFs, but you will need to install a separate app.

Editor of photos 

There are eight different styles and over 20 color options in WhatsApp X’s photo editor. As well as being able to add text of any size and in any font, users can now also draw on their photos. Keeping up with subtle color changes is made easy with the opacity control of the color selector. 


The latest update has added another highly requested feature: directly replying from Whatsapp notifications without opening the app. If you wish to respond directly following a notification, swipe right on the notification and select Reply to chat or Reply call. Android Pie users can only reply from the notification.


How do I uninstall it? 

Go to the settings on your phone. To disable WhatsApp, select the Default apps section under Apps and notifications, then WhatsApp -> Disable. 

What is the procedure for registering with Whatsapp Apk?  

You must enter your mobile number into WhatsApp X after you open it. Simply type it in the bottom field.
When you click Verify, you will be asked to enter your phone number. You will need to enter the word YES in lowercase in the chat window and then tap Verify if this is not an Android phone.
A verification code will be sent to your Android phone. Click Verify to verify it. 
If both the WhatsApp X beta app and the original WhatsApp are installed on your device, the WhatsApp X beta app will prompt you to scan a QR code on your phone. WhatsApp X should now work just like it did before it was scanned

How do I block someone? 

Blocking someone will prevent you from seeing their messages. Tap on the top-right menu icon to open the chat window, then select Block to block a contact.
To disable broadcasts in WhatsApp X, go to Settings > Privacy > Who can send me broadcasts. Your broadcast messages will not be sent anymore.

Is Whatsapp X safe or not?

Everybody is thinking about this question. The WhatsApp X app has been on the market for months, but not everyone feels a sense of security when using it. Despite Being an unofficial application, WhatsApp X has no official security features in place to prevent the introduction of malware. The application is also not regularly updated.

Final Thoughts

A modified version of the original Whatsapp, Whatsapp X latest version  2022 has all of a new set of features and functions. One of the biggest differences between Whatsapp X and original Whatsapp is that your WhatsApp screen can be customized. If your smartphone supports the fingerprint feature, then you can install any lock-screen with just one touch of a button and unlock it using that.

Whatsapp X can be set as the default messaging app, and any other messaging app you choose can be set as your lock screen. If you know what you are doing, WhatsApp X is incredibly easy to install. No technical knowledge is required. This modded version also works with all versions of Android. You should have a smartphone that has Android version 5.0 Lollipop at a minimum.

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