Whatsapp Web |How to connect Whatsapp with Laptop/Computer

Do you want to use your WhatsApp account on your Laptop or PC and worry about how to connect this? Then now your journey stops. Here we will describe the easiest method of how to connect WhatsApp with PC/laptops. 

Users of WhatsApp Web can view messages from their mobile device on their computer or tablet through a website plug-in. Android smartphones, Windows, OS X, Ubuntu, and OS X-powered laptops and desktop computers can now use WhatsApp Web. People who need access to their text messages on multiple devices will find this to be extremely convenient.

Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome are the current browsers that support WhatsApp Web. By scanning the QR code inside the WhatsApp app, you will be able to access WhatsApp Web. Upon pairing with your mobile device, your existing conversations will be automatically loaded.

You don’t need to install an application on your PC because WhatsApp Web uses your phone’s data connection (WiFi or mobile). Once you have started using WhatsApp from your browser, you will have the same familiar interface and features you are used to on your phone.

The default setting does not enable this feature, so many users are unaware of its existence. 

Additionally, if the QR code does not appear in your mobile app, WhatsApp Web is completely disabled for your account.

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Step by Step guide to Connect Whatsapp on Laptop:

To enable this feature, follow this guide step by step:

  • You can access WhatsApp options by opening the app on your phone. A “WhatsApp Web” option should be available among several other settings.
  • In order to enable this feature, tap it and then select WhatsApp Web.
  • Go back to the options menu, tap Account > Change profile picture > Scan QR code. An QR code will be displayed, which is very similar to a barcode. If you are not used to scanning codes, you can click here to see how it works.
  • Scan the QR code with your webcam to open WhatsApp Web on your computer, or enter the URL that appears after clicking on “Enter a web address for this device”. Your entire conversation history should now be accessible. Firefox and Opera can also be used.
  • You can request authorization for other browsers, including the official web application, by going to WhatsApp Web on your mobile device and tapping on Options -> WhatsApp Web.
  • In order to generate a new QR code, enter your phone number and password and tap on “OK”. 
  • You can scan the QR code on any device or browser after the QR code appears, such as Firefox, Windows 8 (or any other device) . Your conversations will be retrieved.
  • Tap on Option -> WhatsApp Web on your mobile phone, then select another browser, such as Internet Explorer, if that’s what you want.

You can only use WhatsApp Web if you have an Android device. It was expected that iOS devices would be supported in early 2015, but this has not yet happened. QR codes can be scanned using the WhatsApp app running on a user’s phone to access accounts on other platforms. 

In addition to English, Arabic, Chinese (simplified), Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French; German; Hebrew; Hindi; Indonesian; Italian; Japanese; Korean; Norwegian Bokm*l; Persian; Polish; Portuguese (Brazilian); Romanian; Russian; Spanish and Swedish are also available.


  • It is incompatible with the mobile version of WhatsApp due to a number of limitations. Users of the WhatsApp Android app are able to attach photos and videos from the web interface, while iPhone users cannot do so on the web interface.
  • It is also not possible for users to send audio files using WhatsApp Web because the service does not support voice messages. Additionally, WhatsApp Web does not allow you to search for contacts or groups.
  • Since WhatsApp does not specify which features are supported by the web-service and which ones aren’t, people who want to use it should be aware of the limitations.

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