WhatsApp Red Apk Download Latest version 2022

Whatsapp’s original theme is getting old for you, aren’t you? If you are looking for a new Red Whatsapp Apk 2022, then this latest version may surprise you with its thousand-plus themes. In addition to this Red Whatsapp app, Abu Arab has developed two more mods of WhatsApp, namely Gold Whatsapp and Whatsapp Blue.

Compared to each other, these three mods offer unique features. You can use them with any Android version. Here you can find information about the latest features of Red Whatsapp apk latest version 2022, along with a direct download button. 

Red Whatsapp Apk latest version 2022

There are many extra features in Whatsapp Red 2022, making it an interesting modification of Whatsapp. Whatsapp’s interface can also be customized a great deal. Thanks to its lightweight and stability, Whatsapp is compatible with all devices. Among the most widely used mods is this one.

In addition to the free version, Abu Arab has also released a version with no advertisements. In addition to the free modded version, there is a free version available as well. Red WhatsApp apk 2022’s modded version will be downloaded through the links below.


CategorySocial Messaging
DeveloperAbu Arab

What’s new in Whatsapp Red 2022

  • There are no more bugs
  • Enhancing security
  • Fast and stable
  • There are now more themes available
  • There are no ads
  • Backups automatically
  • Automated updates
  • An anti-ban feature has been added 

How to Download and Instal WhatsApp Red APK

The following instructions provide detailed instructions on how to download Whatsapp’s mod apk.

  • The apk can be downloaded by clicking on the above button.
  • You can now install Whatsapp by clicking on the apk file.
  • Activate the option ‘Unknown source’ on your phone.
  • You can now enjoy this latest WhatsApp Red APK version by clicking the install button.



Seems to be frozen

Your contacts will not know when you were active last time if you freeze Last Seen manually in the settings. You will be able to see the time when your status has been frozen as your last active time when you freeze your status.

Disable Forwarded

In order to disable forward tags on forwarded messages, you will need to enable this feature by simply clicking on the button. 


You can view deleted messages from your contacts if you enable this feature. By default, your contacts can no longer delete their messages if they did, and you will always see them. 

Hide your  View

If you do not wish your contacts to know you have seen their status, you can hide the status view from settings. In this case, your name will not be listed under the list of your friends you’ve watched, regardless of how many times you’ve viewed their status updates.

Deleted Status

Turn on the anti-status-deleting option. You can view the deleted status of your contacts before 24 hours if you enable this setting. 

View the receipt

Your friends will not see your read status unless you respond to them if you disable the read receipt. If you reply to a message, then you will see the response status.

Status: Viewed

By selecting ‘Only selected contacts” you don’t want to share your status with, you can hide it from others. Only the friends you select will be able to see it.


You should also turn off the typing indicator. Although you will receive the message and reply to it, your friend will never know when you viewed the status or when you replied to it.


You must protect your application with a password or pattern. No matter whether your phone supports fingerprint security or not, this application lets you set it up. The security settings in the application’s settings can be used to encrypt the application.

Background setting

Chat and the main menu backgrounds can be set to any images, pictures, or solid colors that you choose.

Setting up patterns

If you do not want anyone to see your password, it is possible to hide the visibility of your pattern.

Dark Mode

Whatsapp can be used in black mode at any time by enabling this dark mode setting. 

Anti Ban

Whatsapp’s bulletproof anti-ban feature is one of its most powerful features, as it prevents your Whatsapp account from being permanently banned or temporarily blocked. If you use it, you will never have a problem with account bans. We guarantee your safety and security.


Did you know you can customize the entire Whatsapp interface? Are you interested in doing so? You can now customize your Whatsapp according to your tastes with Whatsapp Red Apk. The modified Whatsapp comes with a lot of themes that can be downloaded and applied to the Whatsapp application. Whatsapp’s styling and fonts can also be customized. In the mod Whatsapp, you can change the logo by selecting one of the many available logos. In this Whatsapp apk, you can also add a custom logo.

Lock Chats

With Whatsapp Red, you can now hide and lock your conversations. Chat security is enhanced with the ability to set custom locks such as patterns and pins. For activating this feature, go to chat>click on three dots>click on lock conversation>Setup pattern or pin>Restart Whatsapp.


Is this red whatsapp app able to save my chats?

Your chats can be directly saved to your drive. 

Does the Google Play Store have WhatsApp Red Apk?

It does not meet the rules for apps directed by google on the play store, and this modded version does not follow those rules. Click on the link provided above to download the mod. 

Is it safe to install WhatsApp Red Apk?

The application does not contain any viruses. There is no reason to be suspicious of it. You can trust this red WhatsApp apk to keep your data secure. 

Final Thoughts

In comparison to all other modded versions of WhatsApp, red WhatsApp has many unique features. One of WhatsApp red apk 2022’s most striking features is that it provides you with customized themes to choose from. When you are looking for a modified version of WhatsApp with many features, you may wish to download WhatsApp Red.

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