WhatsApp Plus 2021 Download Latest APK FREE

WhatsApp Plus is a powerful application for getting a lot of good features actual WhatsApp doesn’t support.

Here you will get download links of WhatsApp Plus APK 2021 – the latest version for free.

In this modern world, the use of Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp is become the part of life to stay in connect with your loved ones.

You can say it is the cheapest, quickest and the simple way of communication to have with your family or colleagues. As you all know about the WhatsApp instant messaging app, so let’s come direct to WhatsApp Plus which is the Latest version of WhatsApp messenger.

It is same like Whatsapp but contains so many wonderful features, theme, and privacy options.

Hence, by downloading this amazing app you will get all the latest features that official WhatsApp lacks. For this reason, download WhatsApp Plus APK and enjoy its cool and endless features.

WhatsApp Plus 2021 APK Info

WhatsApp Plus
App Size43.5 MBs
App PriceFree

Download WhatsApp Plus

Below I have given the download links to the latest version of WhatsApp plus which you can download from the below links.

Install and Download WhatsApp Plus on your Android Device

  • Download the WhatsApp Plus app on your android device by simply clicking on the link given below.
  • Download the app and then install it on your android device.
  • Now if you want to take an entire backup of your chat settings, then open your WhatsApp and go to Settings-Chats-Backup.
  • Then make a complete backup and wait for sometime, you can say for a few seconds. Now let your chat backup to complete.
  • After that, simply uninstall the WhatsApp from your smartphone by following the simple steps. Settings -apps- Whatsapp Plus- Uninstall.
  • Now, install the WhatsApp Plus APK in your android device which you downloaded before from the above-mentioned link.
  • After installation, you have to undergo the simple automatic process that is enters your mobile number and verify it via OTP code.
  • Next, enter your name and number after that you are ready on your go. Hence, enjoy the WhatsApp Plus in your smartphone

Features of WhatsApp Plus

The thing which makes the WhatsApp Plus incredibly popular is its amazing and cool features. Following are the best features of WhatsApp Plus.

  • You can sort your messages as newest and oldest.
  • It features increased pin chat limit ranges from 25 to 30.
  • By using WhatsApp plus you can send your favorite stickers to your friends and loved ones.
  • ‘No forward tag” whenever you forward any file to another person.
  • For Indian users, the forward limit has been increased.
  • It also features enabled swipe to reply to your group video calling.
  • You can also get the notifications of the message which was revoked.
  • Also, Swipe up to lock recording voice message.
  • Plus, play videos with your favorite video players.
  • Enable UPI payments feature.
  • Enabled search group settings, manage group admins, and group participants.
  • Additional auto-reply feature, so that you can automatically reply to your contacts.
  • It also features the ability to add a group description in WhatsApp.
  • Added DND option to inactivate all incoming and outgoing SMS.
  • Enlarge video limit in status.
  • WhatsApp Plus features enabled group info settings.
  • Yes, with this app you can also hide your last seen, blue ticks, double ticks, and typing status.
  • Apart from it, it also comes with filter particular messages while clearing chats.
  • With its Anti-revoke messages mod, you can not let other contacts to delete sent messages to you.
  • Furthermore, you can revoke multiple messages at once.
  • Another great feature of this app is that you can recall WhatsApp messages, scheduled messages and many more.
  • Added video call feature is also included in this marvelous messaging app.
  • Now you can create a group and invite links from this WhatsApp Plus.
  • It comes with an option to disable voice calling and always online mod.
  • This modified version of WhatsApp upholds additional customization features by which you can customize your app according to your choice.
  • This app is updated to the latest mod of WhatsApp.
  • By using this app you can share PDF, TXT, Docs, and many more.
  • You can customize and change themes of your choice from the help of various applications.
  • You can also modify the launcher icon of WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp Plus also features in-built lock through which you can lock your app without any third party software.
  • Plus, with conversation text styles you can easily modify the styles of WhatsApp.
  • Status clipboard feature allows you to copy’s anyone status.
  • In WhatsApp Plus, the status character limit is increased to 255 characters.
  • Also, with this app, you can stay online always, but this feature consumes much battery.
  • Yes, you can also share, save, and load beautiful themes with your friends.
  • Apart from it, the user can configure picture pixels as well as the size of the images.
  • One of the unique features of this app is that it is designed with the log which keeps tracking of your friends that about what time they were online.
  • By installing this app, you can get a complete backup of your chats and history so that whenever you install your WhatsApp you do not need to repeat all the registration process.
  • With WhatsApp Plus mod, you can share high-quality images with your friends and loved ones.
  • You can also chat secretly while staying offline and can enjoy its a lot of features which you can’t do by using official WhatsApp.
  • In addition to it, you can also hide view status for contacts so that your name will not appear in their viewed status list that is no doubt amazing.

Final Verdict:

By all means, WhatsApp Plus is an incredible app that will change the look of your official WhatsApp. Moreover, it comes with so many excited and cool features that will leave you spellbound. This app comes with the latest features, themes, privacy options, and much more. Download this app, and you will enjoy by using it. Furthermore, you can say that it is one of the best WhatsApp mod APK of Whatsapp which you can easily download it without paying a single penny as it is absolutely free.

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