Whatsapp Gold Apk Download Latest version 2022

The latest version of Whatsapp Gold apk 2022 is the best customizable Whatsapp app. The developer has created an app with customized colors, backgrounds, and app drawer layouts, in addition to customizing other aspects of the app. It is also possible to select the default combination of colors, in addition to selecting the color scheme you prefer.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps. Daily, millions of users connect with family and friends located around the world through the service. WhatsApp does come with some limitations. Its lack of customization, for instance, makes it difficult for regular users to ignore. Server-based internet messaging may also be viewed as problematic by some users.

The WhatsApp Gold apk, a custom version of the regular instant message app, allows you to customize the instant message experience on your Android device.

According to Arab Developers, WhatsApp Gold is designed to give Android users a more enhanced WhatsApp experience. This is not available in the official version of WhatsApp. With WhatsApp Gold apk 2022, you can customize almost everything about WhatsApp, including:

  • In chat, it is possible to change the background picture and color
  • Changing the font style and color of chat text is possible
  • A contact’s online status and specific statuses can be hidden
  • Customizable emojis
  • Status bars, quotes, and messages can all be customized with emojis in 100 styles

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App NameWhatsApp Gold Apk
Size45 MB
Latest Version8.51
Update5 months ago

How to Download and Install

  • Download the file by clicking the button above 
  • Go to the settings of your phone
  • Allows the ‘Unknown Source’ option to be enabled
  • Decided what path to take
  • Install the apk by clicking the install button

WhatsApp Gold apk Features

  • Changing the background color of WhatsApp themes
  • You can choose between low and high quality options for attachment size
  • For incoming and outgoing messages, you can hide the password to the messages (with the capability to lock the messages with a password)
  • Remove the ‘last seen’ status of your contacts from your contacts list, and hide their online status
  • Add picture, gif, video, and audio notes to the quick reply pop-up system 
  • Blue checks can be hidden for certain contacts/groups through this feature
  • A preview option for received GIFs is needed (and in general for .GIF images as well)
  • Video receipts can be saved
  • You may display or hide the forward icon for quoted messages to increase privacy 
  • Reply by swiping is changed
  • Choose from 100 new colorful emojis and send them as pictures or texts 
  • The notification includes a picture that is custom to the specific contact or group
  • Find out where pictures are located and when they were sent. 
  • Status bars should also hide read receipts
  • Chat text can be customized by selecting font style and color (with the option to set transparency via an alpha channel). 
  • Chat allows you to customize text size and color
  • You can customize the colors of contact statuses
  • Automatically applies the default theme to new chats 
  • A password or pattern can be used to lock WhatsApp for added privacy and security 
  • A number of different backgrounds are available for the app drawer, including transparent app drawers.
  • Changing/customizing chat bubble colors is possible 
  • WhatsApp’s background can be changed to a solid color 
  • A pinch gesture can be used to zoom in and out of chat pictures (custom zoom levels are also available)
  • When you click an image / gif link, for example, you can decide whether a preview will appear on the main chat screen.
  • Your status can be set in the main chat window
  • In the main chat window, turn off the color of contacts’ names 
  • Your SD card images, videos, etc. will not be accessible without your permission when WhatsApp is installed on your phone.

What’s new in Whatsapp Gold apk latest version 2022 

  • The ability to use multiple accounts on one device 
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements 
  • Video images can only be viewed once
  • Once images are open, there is a download button

Final Thoughts

This is the latest version of Whatsapp Gold apk 2022, which includes more features than the original app. Those using the application can add multiple accounts to their device, as well as customize it to suit their individual preferences. This might be helpful for those who wish to use the app as intended.

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