Whatsapp Aero Apk Download Latest Version 2022

WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption of privacy makes it increasingly popular with each passing day. You can definitely hide chats, freeze the last seen, and hide blue ticks if you wish. This is the most recent version of Whatsapp Aero 2022, which meets your demands in the technology world.

There are a lot of applications that are modded for Whatsapp, but this is one of the most popular. When you use WhatsApp Aero Apk Latest version 2022, you can also notice a change in the background, colors, and fonts. There are more than 1,000 different themes included with this app. It comes with private lock security codes, making it even more secure. 

In addition, new features included in WhatsApp Aero 2022 include hiding typing, recording, and status, as well as a blue tick and second tick. 

What is Whatsapp Aero Apk?

For those who love using exciting interfaces, this is the best-moded version of Whatsapp for you. The developer of this Whatsapp Aero apk is Bozkurt Hazzar from Turkey. Developed from Foud Whatsapp’s polished style, it is a masterpiece. We can now get the best themes and privacy settings on Whatsapp Aero since it is the newest version. Since it was released, it gained popularity very quickly. The easiest way to download Whatsapp Aero 2022 can be found in this article.

Install and Download Guide

  • Here is the download link. Firstly, click on it.
  • Enable Unknown Sources in your phone’s settings.
  • Now that you have clicked the install button, you can install.

Now that Aero Whatsapp apk is available, you can take advantage of their outstanding features.


Name of AppWhatsApp Aero
APK Size52 MB
Required Version Android4.0+
Last Updated 1 day ago

Features of AeroWhatsapp

  • Through this feature, you can design your own favorite user interface in an aesthetic and creative manner. Over one million themes are offered in this version. There is a theme available for every occasion. 
  • This version of Whatsapp does not require you to uninstall the original. Your original Whatsapp remains untouched. It acts as a secondary application.
  • Hide your last seen.
  • It is possible to hide your Online status 
  • You can hide your contacts’ profile pictures in this latest version of WhatsApp Aero.
  • Blue ticks can be hidden from others
  • View Status can be hidden 
  • If you forward a message, you can suppress the forward tag
  • By using this Whatsapp Aero 2022, it is even possible to hide dates and even times from the copied messages like GB Whatsapp apk.
  • Choose from more than 14 different themes to customize your WhatsApp Aero Apk 2022’s home screen. Using this single version of AeroWhatsapp you can enjoy 14 different app screens.

What’s new in Whatsapp Aero Apk latest version 2022

  • Anti-ban WhatsApp mod: When you use WhatsApp mods, you may experience issues with bans. But WhatsApp Aero is safe and secure and offers advanced anti-ban technology. The application cannot be blocked either. WhatsApp Aero can be downloaded from our website. To use all the features WA has to offer, update the AeroWhatsapp mod now.
  • With WhatsappAero Apk 2022, you can use it faster than any other GBWhatsApp apk available on the web. Thus, it is the perfect tool for those who want to speed up Whatsapp performance.
  • There is a DND mode available in this Apk app, which lets users turn off their internet connection.
  • You can send multiple images simultaneously using this Whatsapp Aero.
  • Additionally, this will increase the limit on videos. 
  • You can now back up to Titanium. This means your data doesn’t need to be at risk. A backup is automatically performed.  
  • The proximity sensor can be enabled or disabled.
  • Use a password to protect your chats.
  • Your media will be hidden from the gallery.
  • Messages and statuses can be delivered to you if your account is going to be deleted. 


Why is this Whatsapp not in the Google Play store?

The Play Store is governed by legal rules that are issued by Google, and this apk doesn’t follow them. Basically, it violates the Play Store’s privacy policy. This is not unlawful or illegal. 

Does it only work on Android devices?

No, Android devices aren’t the only ones that support it. iPhones and Android devices both support it. It works flawlessly on both.

What is the process for updating Whatsapp Aero?

This WhatsApp needs to be downloaded from our website. WhatsappAero version 4.3 is required. You can update Whatsapp here if any new version is available by going to the WhatsAppAero setting and clicking ‘check updates.’

WhatsappAero – Is it safe for devices?

Your device will receive a saved version of apk. This means you can trust it blindly and download it. 

Final Verdict

This version is needed in your life at least once, I want to say at the end of this discussion. Its unique features become second nature once you’ve used it a couple of times. In addition to being one of the best-modified versions of WhatsApp, the WhatsAppAero App allows you to customize most aspects of the original WhatsApp app.

There are more privacy options when it comes to your media gallery and delivery status. Compared with modified WhatsApp, it is better.

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