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About App :

By and by you can pay for anything from your phone (recover your Easypaisa Golden Payment App credits, send money to friends and family, buy broadcast arrangement minutes) with the gold arrival of our adaptable application. Easypaisa Golden Payment App. Pay with gold and get a 15% markdown on all trades!

Using this interpretation of the Easypaisa application will make buying things so normal you will not at any point need to branch out from home without it. Here is a piece of the mind-boggling benefits of Easypaisa Gold Edition:

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• Pay for everything from your phone – at the convenience store, at a restaurant, on your administration bills, even at a help station!

• Send money to friends and family in two or three taps. They’ll get their own Easypaisa Gold Edition application so they can deal with you right away!

• Recuperate your Easypaisa credits in a rush and secure 15% more than anticipated when you shop or dining experience out.

Easypaisa Golden App Feature :

1-Pay for everything from your telephone”

2-Send cash to loved ones out of a few taps. They’ll get their own Easypaisa Gold Edition application so they can manage you immediately!

3-Redeem your Easypaisa credits in a hurry and get 15% more than guessed when you shop or eat out.

4-Scan your exceptional engraving to open the application! No need for passwords or pins any longer.

5-Get your generally ideal worth. We overall arrange a 15% rebate when you pay for help or a thing with Easypaisa Gold Edition.

6-Docacadocacan’t spend past what you can bear – utilize our virtual charge card choice to screen your spending.

7-We at present assist 17 public cash-related structures! You can now send and get segments in 17 specific cash-related structures, including Pashtun Afghani, Georgian Lari and the Ukrainian Hryvnia, to give a couple of models.

How To Install Easypaisa Golden App :

1) Install the most recent understanding of the Easypaisa App from Playstore.

2) Open the application, go to the “Send and Pay” tab and select the Golden point card.

3) Click on the “Add your Card” choice at the upper right corner, enter your card subtleties one time and declare it.

4) If you have as of late enlisted for Easypaisa Golden Card, you can utilize this equivalent method to add it.

5) To truly investigate your concordance, basically address the wonderful point card on the application.

At the point when you have purchased in, you can use the going with advances toward sorting out your routinely planned portion nuances:

1) At the most raised characteristic of the application, click on segment history to get to something fundamentally equivalent.

2) Enter your adaptable number and date of enlistment and created a ruckus all through town button.

3) You will get all exchanges in a table by month/day showing EGP complete, dealer name, charges and aggregate.

How To Create an Account :

Rules to make an Easypaisa account at home. You want to introduce the application first on your versatile. You should simply enter one of the five affiliation numbers. For instance, on the off chance that you have a Telenor number, it is great.

Coming about of doing this, you need to give your ID card prior to giving the ID card; your record is made effectively with near no issue.

The most essential and second errand following making a record is the way you can help Cashback through this application. For instance, you made a record here. Before long you have this solicitation in your psyche, family.

What is the recording head because of this application? Is there any advantage of this application in the last inebriation or not? Undoubtedly, this application participates in a colossal benefit when you make your record for a solitary exchange.

Cashback is given to you. All that you truly believe should do is place cash in pay sans work from any money-related harmony.

Straightforwardly following taking the cash, you truly need to send the cash or weight the versatile, then, at that point, you will get 150PKR Cashback on your Easypaisa account.

Why Easypaisa :

Why You Want To Use Easypaisa Golden Payment App. The main concern that takes a great deal of work is examined in our country that if we have any desire to do branchless banking, Easypaisa is the crucial application on the planet through which you can send or get segments that can be made with basically no extra charges and banking ends up being all the more clear.

For example, in case you open an EasyPay account, the essential thing you maintain that should do is perform a biometric affirmation of your record.

In case you win concerning getting a biometric check, your record is confined to in excess of 200,000 here; with the help of biometric affirmation, you can send 200,000 rupees soon.

On the other hand, you moreover get the second benefit of this application that if you have a great deal of money being sent off you through Easypaisa, you can, regardless, get it, for example, if any of the clients can send you through the bank.

Inside the record of the money transporter, what may be the principal incident to you here? So until the affirmation of your record is done, you ought to put it in the approaching, notwithstanding, Easypaisa doesn’t have this system using any and all means. You can without a doubt send your money to anyone.

Golden Debit Card :

Easypaisa is one of an unassuming bundle of relationships to consolidate existing banks (Etisalat and Zain) to shape a more noticeable part.

It is customary that the principal tranche of offers will be given by the relationship in late 2017/mid-2018. The chief proposal of stock is set at a value degree of $150 to 200 for each recommendation.

The affiliation has seen branch openings in different districts in different states, including Lagos and Abuja, and across the span of land with around 400 branches.

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